Are you ready to automate your home?

Apr 26 · 2 min read

Client: Sanjiv Malvi

Project: Website design

The Challenge: We had to design Sanjiv’s website that would clearly communicate what home automation means and that he is the designer & the go-to-person for turning any home into a smart home.

About the company: Sanjiv Malvi is the CEO and founder of Odel systems in Mumbai. He has worked with the most prestigious top clients in India who would like to convert their normal homes into smart homes and wanted Pineapple to concentrate on the user experience for how the home automation application design can be made simple and easy to use for all ages.

Our process: We decided that going with a dark theme because how youtube and other video & audio channels are heading with appropriate images that communicate what Sanjiv wanted to showcase to his high-end clients.




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