What is Pinecone?

A few years ago, I started my first venture, Mad Mimi. It was not without its ups and downs that Mad Mimi started growing.

Mad Mimi’s focus was always small business. More specifically though, it was small businesses run by people who found simplicity, charm and wit appealing when creating email newsletters. In August, 2014 Mad Mimi was acquired by GoDaddy and is now GoDaddy Email Marketing.

I love simplicity. I also love things with charm because charm — among other things of course — adds color and joy to life. I considered the interplay between storytelling and storyselling, and thought for years about how to merge the two.

<enter pinecone>

Mad Mimi has tens of thousands of active — and awesome — people who use the service to create, send and track email newsletters. Many senders have commercial aspirations, and many don’t. Many are local merchants and many are not. Pinecone comes in to help a significant number of these people use a small space on email newsletter to share a product they find appealing, that local or “local style” sellers have made. Mad Mimi people choose their Pinecone, and matching products show up for them. Lets call these Mad Mimi people “publishers” for now.

Screenshot from Pinecone app showing a cone card.

As a publisher, you chose Techie. That means you and your audience are perhaps a little geeky. You might dig technology, design, gadgets, code, indie-games and cat gifs (not to stereotype of course!)

As a Pinecone person, you might be selling an eBook, music, cat-mugs, digital art, whatever. You picked the Techie cone to best personify your product. That immediately lets the publisher discover your product and be reasonably confident that it’ll be relevant to the publisher’s audience.

As the publisher successfully shares and enables cross-promotion to happen, they make money and the seller makes money. Pinecone also takes a modest commission on the sale.

Sign up for Pinecone today, and experience the most pleasurable online selling experience ever.