Experience about Power BI

Hi audience,

This is the first blog of my life. I would like to share development experience about Power BI.

The Power BI is powerful business intelligence report made from Microsoft. The key features are about user can see the insight of each data hierarchies or each dimension angles

The above picture describe overall of sales performance, average sales per bill, or peak hours of each during the day. User can also drill down to see the detail in each category. for example, what is highest sales product in beverage category. and if user focus on some topics. all graph will also change automatically. User can analyse and see business situation.

In my opinion, this tool is helpful for any business to analyze business information. This service is free for all with 1GB data limitation. that is enough for small or medium enterprise. Should you have any questions, please share me know.

Thank you so much for your attention. Your comment or feedback is valuable for me to improve further articles.