PingPong team is going to party with СryptoFriends in Singapore at ICO‑Hypethon within Blockshow Asia held by Cointelegraph. We’ll meet with lots of startups to share ideas. We aim to get them as future pingpongers cause PP is based on networking. Stay tuned for news from the hottest crypto event of this autumn!

During the previous hypothone in spb we got very helpful feedback and have changed project concept a bit, so we’re ready to present it again. We’re really eager to surprise the mentors.

PP team is going to the rooftop of the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway in Singapore to…

Modern lifestyle demands high speed solutions in any sphere. Both businessmen and consumers want to have Internet access anytime in any part of the world to share and find information, make deals or just relax. We use loads of apps to satisfy all the needs. Does it work with more complicated tasks like running business?

Widely spreading FOSS projects (free and open) and start-ups are mostly managed on-line by instant messengers which came to replace email. IMs allow chatting but don’t transfer chatter into actionable tasks. …

All the communication has rapidly transferred from a social network into messengers. Information transfer pace, mobile Internet penetration and dramatic price-cutting on smartphones and other devices have shown the absolute prevalence of messengers over the social network.

As globalization spreads across the world market new generation grows up with smartphones in their hands and constant internet access. Business segment has also made steps towards using messenger apps for work. More and more actions can be undertaken just using a messenger app tools with no need to use desktops. The working process, as a result, becomes much faster and productive.


Mobile messaging is on the rise. All the communication has actually transferred from a social network into messengers. More than 1.4 billion people used mobile messaging apps in 2016 according to eMarketer which was a great increase of almost 16 percent over 2015. By 2019, more than one-quarter of the world’s population will be using mobile messaging apps, according to eMarketer’s new forecast.

The Asia-Pacific region is home to more than 50% of all chat app users worldwide, with more than 805 million consumers in 2016. China accounts for more than half of the region’s users. India, the second-largest market…

Problem Overview

The main feature of modern lifestyle paradigm is mobility and speed. Consumers want to have the fastest Internet access in any part of the world. Post-PC era proved that all the communication builds around smartphones replacing desktops. Everything you need to manage can be easily done by the touch of your finger. Most information whether it is business or just personal stuff is being processed through applications in smartphones.

The globalization impact has also reflected on the way the interaction works. Overall communication nowadays is formed over Internet access and texting and what is why a messaging market…


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