PingPong in Singapore

Nov 28, 2017 · 1 min read

PingPong team is going to party with СryptoFriends in Singapore at ICO‑Hypethon within Blockshow Asia held by Cointelegraph. We’ll meet with lots of startups to share ideas. We aim to get them as future pingpongers cause PP is based on networking. Stay tuned for news from the hottest crypto event of this autumn!

During the previous hypothone in spb we got very helpful feedback and have changed project concept a bit, so we’re ready to present it again. We’re really eager to surprise the mentors.

PP team is going to the rooftop of the Hotel Jen Orchardgateway in Singapore to take part in the biggest crypto-event of this autumn. We’re so excited to meet with with top crypto experts, think-alikes, investors and get their feedback on our work. There will be a cryptofriends panel discussion — very smart people will give us some insights into the latest prospects and perspectives of ICOs and teach us how to launch our project with huge success. We can’t wait to get all these emotions!

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