Taiwan Edition

Big Little Lies

Just finished reading this book by afternoon, and feeling peaceful in mind, the writer is so kind and merciful to give us such a comfortable ending. We all know there’s not always this righteous direction the real stories will go on.

As a mom of a 5-year-old boy, the rumors, fake kindly smiles, and some unrevealing mean thoughts of the moms in the book, are so familiar to me. Sometimes I wonder what their lives are and do they really love their kids that much? Maybe I’m too foolish to have these boring thoughts, or should I try harder to know them more? maybe someone is suffering and I might have the chance to help?

The characters are vivid and humanized, their vanity, selfishness, just like us and people around us in our daily life. While reading the story, I can feel the anxiety from Jane, Madeline’s resent about Nathan, and the great rage of Bonnie (as I had the same emotion toward my father). The emotions and feelings are so reasonable and true, even the words from the characters that they try not to express their feelings are so real.

I highly admire the writer, she is really good at describing the bonds between relationships and the complex emotions people would have and wouldn’t share. It’s never easy to understand and much more difficult to present clearly to the audience. Deeply in my mind, I feel thankful for the publication of this book. I also believe that everyone has his difficulties, and we can get through it with good will and our empathy.