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(2018 HKIRC Board of Directors Election)

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只要你擁有.hk域名及已登記成.hk會員,你應該已收到HKIRC的電郵(由agm@hkirc.hk及發出),誠邀你投票選出新一屆董事,來代表.hk使用者界別 。
2號候選人-Ping Wong

You have the right to vote to make .hk and HKIRC better!
If you have a .hk domain name and registered as member, you should have received an email from HKIRC (sent by and and you are invited to vote for the new director to represent the .hk user sector.

*When you vote, remember to renew your domain first (if it expired on the voting date) AND then submit the supporting documents, otherwise your vote will be invalid.*

Please continue to support and vote for me! Thank you!
Candidate №2 — Ping Wong

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Co-founder & Strategic Advisor, EVENTION/ Writer/ EXCO of HK Wireless Technology Industry Association

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