Learning Tarot: Strength (VIII)

Patience, gentleness, and quiet confidence tames the lion. The tamer, a woman in white, is wreathed in garlands of flowers, with a symbol for infinity over her head as she inclines slightly over him, with a steady hand on his head and under his jaw.

I’m not sure why, but when this card appears, I fear not being capable of dealing with wildness. Looking closely at it now, I see that what she displays is the opposite. She knows she can handle the situation, in fact it is already under control. The sky behind her is golden and warm, like the feeling of kindness, certainty, and love radiating from this card.

Turns out my fears are connected with the reversed meaning of this card. I feel as if this card comes up for me fairly frequently. I pulled this today while asking for guidance on what to reflect on for the day. Of course it is associated with Leo!

One way to learn Tarot is to spend time familiarizing yourself with the visuals, and then looking up the cards and symbols as they are usually interpreted. I’m using the recolored version of the Universal Waite.