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Fintech By Hav’i-Lah Real Estate Worldwide

Precious is showing the way to go with Hav’i-Lah Homes Finance, which she describes as “the country’s first online mortgage platform with its payments made through E-Naira and cryptocurrency.”

Hav’i-Lah homes Finance is providing long-term payment plans to its customers, our goal is to make up to 5,000 homeowners in 3 years through online mortgage financing.

“We have identified a problem which is people’s need to acquire mortgage loans but not through the tedious process of our traditional mortgage banks, with a 29million housing deficit which will take N59.5 trillion indicating the vast and untapped potential of Nigeria’s real estate sector, Hav’I-Lah Real Estate is here to bridge that gap and provide adequate solutions to that effect. We are the first of its kind in Africa to Kick off the digital mortgage finance, it would be mind-blowing and something a lot of people would want to explore.”

She added: “Diasporas can access this mortgage platform through our Payment hubs like E-naira (Central Bank digital currency issued and regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria) and Cryptocurrencies, as we are also creating a blockchain for this purpose. Most home buyers are not buying houses but creating wealth through the blockchain technology.

With a 35% equity, regardless of your qualification, anyone can access a loan from us, we intend to make this easy for all our customers. There is an option for everyone, employed and self-employed. Hav’i-Lah Home Finance has been created in a way to serve everybody from different spheres of work, so do not think you can’t access a loan; there might be an option for you. You can also calculate your monthly payment and compare our interest rate through our online calculator.”

Payment Structure

The company is creating a powerful blockchain technology, MetaHav (a listed coin on Metaverse), to help buyers own homes physically and on the blockchain through Metaverse (a crypto metaverse is an immersive virtual world that incorporates blockchain technology and cryptocurrency) to earn large profits for the buyer. She explains further: “Customers can process their payments through MetaHav as a coin to purchase their properties of which they can raise wealth through virtual world on Metaverse and in the physical world through their properties. It’s explosive. All Payments are to be made through the Digital platforms as we will incorporate the E-Naira (the digital form of the Naira used just like cash) platform for easy payments especially by customers in the Diaspora. Also, we are creating our blockchain technology (MetaHav) where our coin can be used to purchase these properties and accepting 2 major exchanges like Binance and Ethereum. This, in turn, creates wealth for each house buyer as the value rises.”


•The online mortgage platform is a medium to reach Nigerians in the Diaspora and across the world to make them also become homeowners in Africa.

• Digitalizing the whole mortgage process, different from the traditional mortgage bank, clients can see progress of their loan application online, through their mobile app or website.

• Getting a mortgage should be simple, modern, and transparent to eliminate 6 months to 1 year of waiting to get loans from the brick-and-mortar banks.

• Accessibility to different mortgage products and options.

Availability of long-term plans with online and mobile tools.

• Diversified loan options and tenure with different requirements and interest rates, to enable clients shop and compare mortgage options online.

• Customers can discover if they qualify for loans in minutes and shape their loan around their qualification.

• Lowest interest rate.

• Provision of a credit score base system where past loan takers can get loans at a lower interest rate depending on their credit score and and repayment history.

• Provision of a live chat where we can give advice and render consultation services to home buyers who are confused about certain things that have to do with their purchase instead of waiting to queue up at banks to resolve issues.

• Clients who do not have cash, are given options to pay in other forms like the E-Naira Platforms and Cryptocurrencies.


Hav’i-Lah is also into one of the most profitable ventures in the country which is Sand Dredging. The company dredges it’s own sand to sell at profits. The company caters for the provision of sharp sand to real estate developers and construction sites. As real estate that the demand for sand and other building materials are higher than the supply, so we are here to fill up that gain the market. We currently have a dredging site at Sangotedo opposite Novare Mall, Ajah (by the biggest mall in Africa) where we intend to dredge daily. We have a goal to expand to Ten dredging sites in the next 5 years.

Visit www.havilahrealestateng.com to start earning massively.

Instagram: @havilahrealestateltd

Email: info@havilahrealestateng.com


Call: ‪+234 813 737 8729, +234 813 996 8180



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