MozGirls Initiation and Contribution Day!

Tanha Islam

So basically we have been planning this event for a long time.

Who we? Me, Asma Swapna and Tani have been planning for an initiation day for so long. Today was the day where we could make the plans successful. At first, I would like to thank everyone who woke up early in the morning and reached event on time(on weekend specially!). WooHoo! You rock!

Our event started early in the morning with some technical delays but we somehow extended the event so that we don’t miss any of our goals.

We started with an ice breaking session to know more about our participants. Following that, Tani gave an intro to Mozilla and Asma gave intro to WoMoz and it’s mission( You must be wondering what’s the differance between woMoz and mozgirls. We the girls of Mozilla Bangladesh is known as MozGirls(Initiative of Mozilla Bangladesh)). Then I started talking about different pathways where I introduced them with .

Asma helped me with this session.

This is a fantastic website where a newbie even a mozillian can know about several contribution pathways in an interactive and detailed way!

Following that, we gave short intro(asma gave detailed haha!) on our main focuses of the event which were:

  • Connected device
  • L10
  • Sumo
  • Leadership
  • Future Planning
  • Online privacy: why you should be concerned?
  • Documentation discussion

We also discussed(created 3 small groups and did the sessions simultaneously and also swapped the group members so that everyone can learnd about these three topics)the main sessions of the event which were:

Introducing Mozilla Teaching tools:

Session owners: Me and Rashik

Topics: Mozilla thimble and X-ray goggles

~We described the prototype of a webpage and some basic ideas to non-tech girls, why use these tools and so on. We remixed a webpage to show how these tools work and how they can teach web at home and to other people. Our basic mission is to aware people about open web and the internet. Internet should be accessible to everyone and everyone should learn how to build the web.

~We showed them few teaching kits and why it’s important. After the explanation we took few ideas/inputs for teaching kits which they promised to work on after the event.

~Update: Teaching kits will be soon published here on this post!

L10 : Train New users basic

Session owner: Tani

Topics: l10n, SuMo

~ She showed locomotion and pontoon, like how they can sign up and start contribution with localization. She showed in details on how one can localize strings. How we have came so far with localization, why it matters, for whom it matters etc.

Introducing IoT and Connected Devices

Session owner: Asma

Topics: IoT and Connected devices

~She started her session with intro to Connected Devices, why and how Mozilla is related to it. She also explained why we should start contribution with IoT and Connected devices.How to work with Firefox OS with Mozilla CD.

She also explained open innovation toolkit experience.After this she showed Arduino hacking with LED sample projects.Following that she did coding with Arduino UNO for Connected devices.

Other than these sessions we also talked about Mozilla clubs and Firefox clubs. How we can emerge and how they can help by representing their campus.

Our last session was how to write blog posts and why documentation matters.

Our event was basically 4 hours event but I personally felt it wasn’t enough for such informative and interactive event. We had a group photo in the end and informed them about or social accounts or groups.

~~Post-event planning~~

We organizers sat for our future plans and came up with really great ideas which will be shared soon(for now we planned in brief).

Such attention, much wow!

Thanks everyone for coming and those who didn’t come but read this post please please next time if you can’t make it to the event, at least let us know beforehand so that other interested people can join! :)

We went live during the event, you can find the videos here:

Thanks everyone for reading my blog post!

On Reps portal:

Hashtag: #MozGirls

~Update: Blog posts by participants and other organizers:

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