Mozilla Festival 2015, this time I made it!

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Warm yourselves up watching this year’s awesomeeest event “Mozilla Festival 2015here !

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~Mozilla festival~

The Mozilla Festival (#MozFest) is an annual gathering of unconventional thinkers and inventors from around the world who meet to learn from each other and help forge the future of the web. It generally takes place every year in London, UK.

MozFest+London = Awesome combination!!

There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere.
-Vivienne Westwood


On 5th November, all the awesome mozillians started gathering and chirping in Waterloo, London ( H10 and Hampton).


The fest venue was Ravensbourne College. This college has a media campus in the heart of London, located right next to the O2 arena and North Greenwich tube station. Ravensbourne’s nine floors of open work spaces, breakout rooms and cozy corners are ideal for collaboration and creative working, which is just perfect for Mozfest!

The Event was on 6–8th November. Three days of building a truly global web together. The motto this year was:

Come with an idea, leave with a community.

This year mozFest had different pathways which made it more focused for the participants.


~Social Lunch~

The event started with a social lunch where we interacted with each other. Following the lunch, the main sessions started.

~Leaders in Mozilla Gathering~

The session started with some ice breaking activities.

People were asked to get into groups according to their favorite ice cream. Here you can see how everyone was spreading and getting into groups!

Following that, we were given piece of paper where we had to write our name along with our 2016 goals with Mozilla in a reversed order.

Then we were told to make paper planes of it. I helped a few mozillians to make paper planes and then we flew them to random mozillians. By this method, we could know about others’ goals and how they are contributing to Mozilla.

Oh, I feel so jet lagged and so much into the instructor’s talk!

After that we were again into small groups to discuss our future goals and find common goals to work on it. I found Manna and I came to know about his contributions and also shared mine. We worked on our same goals and had to write them on sticky notes.

Facilitator Meeting:

When we were done with working on similar goals, we were introduced to the facilitators (power of mozfest) and were told to get into 2 groups of those who attended Mozfest before or not.

After that, the newbie group and the experienced group mixed together to share their experiences, what the newbies wanted to achieve during this mozfest or after that. I was in a group with 2 journalists, Sayak and another mozillian from Taiwan, she said as far as I remember. We had a small discussion about the past mozfests and also got to know those journalists.

During the facilitator meeting, everyone was told to join the spaces according to their choice. There were 8 Spaces at this years festival, which were:

  • Journalism
  • Science
  • Participation
  • The Global Village
  • Youth Zone
  • Localisation
  • Mozilla Learning Network
  • Digital Citizenship

Since I was a participation leader, I joined the participation space ( but also excited to chime in into the MLN ❤ ). The best thing for me was MLN and Participation spaces were on the same floor, side by side hihi :D

Participation Leaders Meetup:

Our meetup started by knowing each other, everyone introduced themselves and so did I . I look so excited about the fest here ^_^

Then our main session started where we discussed about leadership.

Worked on mozillas mission.

Then we were given blank pages to share our thoughts on mozilla’s mission in our way. I drew a natural scene where the process was community driven and supported by mozilla for the contributors like us. I felt bit shy at the first place but later on explained my idea to everyone. Participants liked it.

After our session, I helped decorating the MLN space pathway with Amira and Shagufta.

Science Fair:

The first day science fair kicked off with awesome attractions for the participants. I, myself surfed the whole place for an hour. I played game on Firefox OS TV and the experience was really good!

The day ended on deciding where to eat (the best part of everyday for me! :D)

We ended up going to the Jimmy’s which was really a good place to eat multi cuisine. I really ❤ed their food.


The 2nd day started with registration where I got the goodie bag with cardboard!

Everyone was given a paper written random DNA on it (not random though, there were many people with same DNA). We were told to find people with the DNA that was also written on our paper to get badges! I wasn’t lucky enough to find someone with that but Sumanth found me but later on I ran out of time haha!

The day started with several talks.

That day I joined in the leadership games with other participants which was an interesting game.

After that, I attended the session of TJ named “Mozilla Campus”. During the session, we were divided into groups of Science and engineering, commerce and arts. Me and Biraj helped TJ to plan about the FSA program on how we can make it better and solid for the students who come from Commerce background. We collaborated and jotted down ideas.


After the event, there was a party. *Moz Party* where everyone seemed cheerful, playing board games, singing song in karaoke. I saw Rosana setting tough songs for Deb :P . I enjoyed the custom self made unlimited burger offer there but could have just one :P


The final day started with some light talks and group photo session.

When we are decent mozillians.

When we are TRUE MOZILLIANS! *Roar*

After that there was a special space for firechat with Mitchell Baker and Mark Surman.

Then we had another participation leaders session where I could meet other leaders more, how they work in the community, what things inspire their community members, how to work with issues etc. We also worked on different interests related to contributing.

Here are the final session pictures, where we came to know participation leaders by discussing our goals for 2016(read mozillians). We sat with Mayur and shagufta to know more about their goals and also shared my goals. I could learn many things from them.

This is how we committed to contribute as a participation leader for 2016.

The Fest ended like this with closing demo party.

Participation space (Our Space):

Things that has #mozfeststory:

Fortune cookies!

Buglady messed up with n^infinity bugs :D

Unlimited coffee! yum!

Science Fair:


Participation Leaders:

Participation leaders with fest volunteers! :D

Hero of Mozfest 2015:

We gave much pain to Franc (read Oyster guy). Thanks a lot for your effort! I won’t complain about the food again in January haha! :D

I would also ❤ to thank Emma and Sara ^_^

Special thanks to:

Volunteers deserve special thanks! ❤

The end.

The event was over and so my journey. It was pretty hard to leave UK after spending the most amazing week of 2015.

You find no man, at all intellectual, who is willing to leave London.
-Samuel Johnson

This year’s Mozfest taught me how to work in a group with same focus, diversity among the participants, how to properly execute your ideas, discuss with experienced people, took help to improve my skills, shared my skills, learned how to increase presence as a volunteer, how to be focused on your pathway, using resources to get the maximum output from the community, polished the ideas I had before, a clear vision to the goals that we need to achieve as part of a global community. In a word, Mozfest is the best place to boost up your skills and also get introduced to the tech world in deep.

Thanks everyone for your valuable time!

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