Based out of Casa Grande, Arizona, Cindy and Debby have been selling customized party decorations on Etsy since early 2007. What makes Cindy and Debby’s Etsy shop, Memory Keepsake Party, unique (besides the quality of the crafts on display, which are impressively detailed and charming) is the variety of products on offer. Cake toppers, cupcake toppers, centerpieces, favor bags, albums, cake pop sticks, cupcake wraps, tags, cake buntings, and much more are all available at Memory Keepsake Party. Better yet, they can all be customized to match the any party’s theme color! Check out Cindy and Debby’s handiwork here: Memory Keepsake Party.

Contact Memory Keepsake Party here:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArtsyCreativities/

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