True Confidence

People who have tapped into their talent have a confidence that lightly grazes an arrogance, in a manner that is not obnoxious, that I find sexy.


Eddie Murphy



Even Beyonce

There’s a way they move around the world that I have glimpsed in myself on occasion. Talent = Confidence. When you find that thing you’re meant to do, when the vision finally pulls instead of the pain, that state…that state is where I want to operate from as much as possible. They don’t do too much. They just…are. And the talent speaks volumes, does all the talking. It’s exhilarating. It’s definitely of God, of the Universe. Dharma. And, mercifully, in these almost non-human humans, I also glimpse flaws and insecurities that tell me that semi-divine state is possible for everyone. In fact, maybe it’s because I can sense these flaws, because they do not pretend and allow themselves to be open, in this simple act of defiance and non-conformity, they move and inspire me.

Life is so much better when you surrender to the Universe’s way of doing things. Before these people, these paradigms had not yet been created. I’m not following anyone’s footprint because that’s been done already. That paradigm has already been brought to human consciousness. The key is in being and allowing, being present, allowing God to lead. That’s where true confidence emanates and thrives.