Stop Being An Ignorant American!

It is a simple sentence. Stop being an ignorant American. But what do I mean? I am calling most (if not all) Americans IGNORANT IDIOTS!!!

Sure the women have a list of problems. So do men. But Feminist seem to think that only women have problems. But here is the deal: Womens rights are more expansive than ever, and we need to keep it growing, but saying one gender has no problems is like saying “No one but me has any problems.” So please stop with this ignorant thinking

Sure Trans-genders have trouble getting rights, but as a Trans person myself, I can say it is not too rough of a life if you have the right parents. But not everyone does but just because your parents say “no” to being Trans-gender doesn't mean you have the worst parents in the world. Once you are 18 you can make the decision whether your parents like it or not.

Yes gay’s have issues getting help in society to marry/adopt but in some states it is getting easier and easier whether you like to think about it or not.

But why am I saying this? Because it is time to realize EVERYONE has problems. Everyone has people saying “no” to what they want to do. Not just gays, not just women, not just bisexuals, not just trans-genders. Every single human being. If you live in America. Open your damn eyes to see it is not just you who has problems in life, but everyone.

Don’t comment on this please this is just a rant.