If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

ya know sasha, as someone who has been fighting “the beast” far longer than YOU have even been a gleam in your daddy’s eye, i can say with certainty as a freedom fighter satanist buddhist that it would appear that as in the case of most narcissistic children, half the baloney you blatherskite on about is actually an indictment of YOU selling out your own values.
former bernie supporter? well done.

switched to hillary? how in the fuck is running a fake ass democrat that is in all realities a neocon republican against a fake ass republican manufactured by the oligarchy that owns all usa mainstream media gonna help anything?
i won’t even address the douche nozzle twat waffle oompa loompah,

but chick, your post is snide, rude, and in fact quite wrong. congratulations, you have successfully had your mind installed for you. that is obvious by the implications you rant about.
before you blather on about me being some fuckin conservative or whatever, shit, chick, me and erwin vom berg had the #1 anti bush song in the world at one point on neil young’s now archaic living with war today site. i have been arrested, imprisoned, beaten. i have been kicked off the internet by the bushites, investigated by every goddam 3 letter agency you probably ever heard of and have never ever looked back. all i give a fuck about is freedom equality and justice for all. your rights end where mine begin and vice versa.
so to read your rant, while amusing, i felt it necessary to caution you that tho i feel ya… kinda… if YOU have sold out to support hillary clinton, the odds are that you also have no actual real identity and are trying to find one. in no way would i suggest the dipshit with the skank ass wife. no fucking way.
but bernie is not gonna lead us out of this mess. hillary will lead us deeper.

donald is no option. the libertarians as we know are nothing but republican light.

but here’s the thing…. the democrats haven’t stood up against the republicans because they all feed at the same fucking trough. indeed, before you were even born, when ronald reagan was annointed god of them worthless fuckers in 1980, the part a lot of you kids miss is that THE DEMOCRATS GOT IN BED WITH THE REPUBLICANS, THEY BOTH STARTED SUCKING OFF THE RELIGIOUS WINGNUT RIGHT, and they — to this day — — have never stopped and never will.

so… no point in voting for johnson. he’s as worthless as ron paul was in the grande scheme of this divine comedy brought to you by the entertainment branch of the military industrial complex. it’s a fucking dog n pony show… that much i glean you’ve figured out.

hillary is the choice that’s been made. that’s a fuckin’ given. no one in their right mind could possibly vote for trump… well guess what? half the idiots in this country LOVE that douchebag. many will vote for him JUST CUZ HE’S NOT ONE OF THE USUAL SUSPECTS.

is jill stein perfect? scuze me while i clean the spit take off my screen. of course not. hell no. but does she offer an alternative? yes. chance of winning? not a chance in hell… cuzza people like you who feel the need to protect what little rights and freedoms we have left… i used to be one of you. i maintained the most important objective was to prevent republicans from fucking us all the way they love to do. i still say that. but ….. how the fuck is electing a republican like hillary supposed to save us from the republicans? i say #2016Nobody. none are worthy of my vote, none frankly are worth the mung scraped from the underside of dubya’s balls. so to take the position you take, while understandable, isn’t exactly progressing the cause of freedom.

idiots like me have been fighting for arogant little brats like you (no offense) in some cases since your grandparents were little kids. to assume we care only for ourselves, and actually are closet biggots and all the rest of your soliloquy i could give a shit enough about in the grande scheme to accurately quote, is not only disingenuous for such an obviously bright young woman, but is doing a disservice to all us whom’s backs you stand on as ya scream from your soap box.

you need to chill, chick. seriously. i’m sure you’ll take offense to my postings, and frankly i could give a shit one way or the other… but your little rant is ridiculously insulting and inaccurate and looks like something i’d expect to see from someone on the other side. perhaps you should direct your vitriol to our common enemies instead of common friends.

it would seem the person so desperate for attention is not your readers.

trump needs defeat. but all you get with hillary is more of the hard right turn that sold out your life on you decades before you were even born.

you may wanna google about the roots of cooperative federalism. that will lead you down some rabbit holes, but if you actually give a flying fuck about the truth, you need to free your mind, and understand just what you’re fighting against. they (the federal government) INCORPORATED themselves as an entity in 1937. that was the end of freedom and the roots of the new world order you see so clearly now. all things in fed politics take an average of 30–40 years to trickle down to the point we start to REALLY take it up the ass on shit.

in some respects, i see every point you make… and i see you’re angry, and are scared as well as any decent person of conscience should be.

but to suggest stein is evil, and her supporters fools? while championing a fake democrat, expecting change?

it is said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same action again and again, and expecting a different result. think about it.

your only real beef is you feel the votes will be wasted that could put hillary over the top… but i assure you dear one, ….. the difference is trump will destroy what’s left, hillary will preserve the status quo… is that what you want?

btw.. as for bernie. … perhaps you’ve missed the part about collusion practiced by the dnc and media to prevent his nomination. yes, he really did have the people. that’s the guy that should have had a shot…

but then, he’s neither an oligarch, nor an oligarch’s whore.
peace to you
pink jimi photon

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