Last week I was walking the dogs and thinking about SSL where we had asked the Holy spirit to show students 4 things He liked about them. I was about to ask Jesus 4 things he liked about me but I was interrupted by him asking me to tell him 4 things I like about him. Well!! Just imagine that, Jesus interrupting me!

So I began to muse and consider what it was I liked about him, what aspects of His character to focus on. The funny thing was that every thing I thought of I related back to myself which isn’t a bad thing at all as we have a personal relationship with him, but I felt that he didn’t want me to do that. All that was required was to list the characteristics, only 4 of them, that I liked. How difficult could that be?

Actually I found it quite hard and it caused me to question whether my love and appreciation for him was down to what I received from him. I love because He first loved me but…….my thoughts were drifting so I callled them back to the task in hand.

Four things I like about Jesus ….that are definitely not about me!

  • His sense of humour.
  • That He is down to earth, that made me laugh because He did come to earth but I was meaning more in His thinking and approach to life.
  • That He is a friend to all
  • He is the champion of freedom.

It was actually quite difficult to think of things that didn’t directly relate to me but it was a good challenge considering that we have been looking at the power of words this term. I was just congratulating myself when Jesus challenged me to do the same for the Holy Spirit.

So here goes, 4 things I like about the Holy Spirit

  • His power, and that joy is the energy of the spirit, I love that so much( I tried to have this as 2 separate things but Jesus said that would be cheating ……. as if I would cheat!)
  • His ability to see into peoples hearts
  • That He is a teacher and a revealer of revelation.
  • His comforting and nurturing personality.

Well by now I knew what was coming next and was ready for the challenge, 4 things I like about Father God.

  • His strength, security and safety, ( I think this is 3 things, but apparently not!)
  • His voice and the authority it carries.
  • His creativity and ability to plan so plan B easily becomes plan A and nothing catches him by surprise.
  • His abounding love for the family of mankind, everyone, His family.

So I have shared with you part of my personal journey in becoming more creative with words in my relationship with Pappa. I want to end with a few questions for you as we near the end of the first term.

  • Are you being challenged to become more creative with words?
  • Are you giving Him time and opportunity to challenge you?
  • Are you willing to do what it takes to grow in creativity?

Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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