One Secret to a Happier Life

That actually works

Sai Sai (Cantonese for little little) catching some Z’s

You come across a lot of posts on Medium about “Ways to live a happier life” or “22 Tips for This and That” and whilst these articles are useful in some way, Let’s be honest, it gets a bit much sometimes. Not saying it’s bad…..just saying.

Heres my idea for a happier life. Get a dog. However it comes with a caveat. Don’t be an irresponsible git. If that’s you, don’t get a dog. Seriously. Really, don’t get one.

They show you structure

Dogs need exercise. I wake up at 6:15 every morning to take my doggy out. On some mornings it’s hard but I know that it’s a part of the day she looks forward to. It might not be the highlight of my morning but it will most certainly be her’s. I could never let her down. It keeps you motivated.

They show you patience

This can sometimes be a long one. When I first got Sai Sai, she would wind me up to the hilt and sometimes she still does. The first couple of times I took her out for a walk were maddening to say the least. She would pull me all time. Taking her out was like participating in a wrestling match. I’d come home tired, bruised, sweaty and defeated both physically and mentally. After a while, I put the Ceaser Milan books down and started to relax into it. I let her take the lead sometimes and we both came to a mutual understanding of sorts. It’s still not perfect but she taught me that Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you want to get to something meaningful, it takes time and a lot of patience.

They show you curiosity

I remember catching a glimpse of Curious George on the tele. It always got me thinking that curiosity applies to a lot of animals and in reality, we share that with animals too but we tend to let judgement get in the way. You’re forced to be curious when you have a dog because they attract all kinds of people. People you’d probably avoid if you walked past them on the street without a dog. When you have meet people, no matter what you think of them, you at least have something in common and that makes you curious to push a little bit further. You begin to think “well, if we have this in common, perhaps there might be other things we have in common?”

They show you love

This is what people see in dogs the most. I remember one day I’d had a really bad day at work. I’d come home feeling completely deflated and useless. As soon as I walked through the door of my home though, my dog made me feel otherwise. I felt immediately better and in a way, she helped me to write this piece on approval.

Don’t these things make for a happier life?

I don’t know if you agree but I certainly think they do. Happiness can be many things for many people but I can guarantee that if you get a dog, you will feel happier! It’s hard work sometimes but completely worth it. Let me know what you think!

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