Fantastic Websites And How To Classify Them

Websites have come a long way from just being a chain of single web pages. As the Internet grows larger and more complex, we are increasingly coming across portals that offer cutting-edge web design and fresh online experiences.

Here’s a quick look at the different kinds of websites in use today, and how they impact content:

Static Websites

A static website is like that boring grandparent who refuses to accept new ways of doing things. Although easy to develop, the information displayed on these sites is fixed and can only be modified by professional webmasters. Due to their limited functions, static websites are on the way out to make room for dynamic web pages.

Dynamic Websites (with CMS)

Allowing users to add a whole host of features and regularly update content, dynamic website are the best choice for anyone seeking an online presence. These sites deploy a user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), which allows for myriad design choices, scrolling styles, widgets, social media buttons, and other functions!

E-commerce Websites

Online shopping is all the rage now, so you might be familiar with this kind of website. With product lines and payment gateways tweaked and refined over the years, E-commerce portals are best suited for all kinds of businesses — big or small.

Web Applications

There is an overlap between web applications and dynamic websites as they largely share the same structure and functions. Nevertheless, any website that provides services such as instant messaging and code-building within its own platform can be labeled as a web application. Think Gmail, MailChimp, or Firepad.

Directory Websites

When book research fails, these websites prevail! More commonly known as ‘search engines’, directory websites enable us to find any webpage via a couple of keystrokes. The most popular examples are Google, Yahoo, and — if you can remember that far back — AskJeeves.

When the time comes to build your brand website, don’t restrict yourself to a basic collection of pages and prompts. There are a plethora of website types waiting to enhance your online presence. And what better way to find the perfect match than by consulting with a creative agency that includes web design in its end-to-end communication offerings?