That is hysterical.

It was something else. This child jumped on me from a hashtag, telling me how I didn’t know what I was talking about and then launched into this tweetstorm about how the media has hidden Bill Clinton’s abusive behavior and assaults on women, the media never says anything negative about Hillary and Bill, and how Bill’s Presidency kept the lid on his affairs.

“You mean kept the lid on his affairs by impeachment? Cause that’s not my idea of “keeping the lid” on something.”

“He wasn’t impeached, what the fuck are you talking about”

“Are you serious right now? Were you sentient in the 90's??”

“How many voters were sentient in the 90's?”

“You don’t understand what that word means, obviously. *link to Bill’s impeachment and the Starr Report*”

He then deleted all the tweets and blocked me.


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