Activehours Customer Spotlight | Steve K.

Feb 22, 2017 · 2 min read

We created Activehours to help people take control of their paychecks. With no fees or interest, there is nothing to worry about when you use the app!

To find out how Activehours was helping people, we reached out to Steve from Maryland to see how Activehours has impacted his life.

How long have you been using Activehours?
I have been using Activehours for roughly one year.

How did you hear about Activehours?
I was searching for apps that help with getting paid early, but NOT payday loans.

How has Activehours helped you?
Activehours has helped by providing extra money from my next check to cover bills, groceries, a few nice dates 😃

Any feedback or comments for the Activehours team?
I have been very happy with the Activehours experience. Whenever I have a few issues, the tech support has been great and pleasant to deal with.

Fun Facts time!
1. I was born without wisdom teeth

2. My tongue is tied to the bottom of my mouth!

3. I took this pretty sweet photo of Saturn

Steve’s story is just one of thousands of stories from the users of Activehours. If you want to be a part of our next feature, email


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