Pink or Blue? A simple tool for A/B Testing in WordPress

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Nov 20, 2019 · 4 min read
An A/B test plugin for WordPress and Woocommerce

Pink or Blue is a simple plugin for Wordpress and WooCommerce to run different A/B tests and discover visitors’ behavior. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t need any additional technical actions or programming on the original website. For more information on the concept of A/B test, click here.

How it works?

After installation, find the Pink or Blue panel in your plugin menu (left bar).

Fig.1: We are here! In the red box.

To create a new test click on “Add New”; the “Add New Test” page appears.

Fig.2: Add a test.
Fig.3: Set a name and description and choose the page or product you want to test.

Choose a proper name for your test. Writing a description is optional, but it’s recommended because after a while when the number of your tests grow, it will help you to manage them.

Below the description (Fig.4) you should choose which object of your website you want to test; Product? Page or Post?

Now it’s time to set a variant and edit the object you want to run the test on. We suggest you to avoid more than one variant, especially at early stages.

Fig.4: Specify the type of object you want to run a test on.

Click on (+) (Fig.5) to create the new variant. Choose a name for it and specify whether you want to create a totally new object or you want to make few changes on the original version.

Fig.5: Add a Variant.

After that you should specify what percentage of visitors should see the original version and what percentage the other scenario (Fig.6). Don’t worry! Each visitor would see just one scenario and it will not change when he/she returns.

After creation, you can come back and edit the variant. For example in this case we changed the title of a product and set the portion of people 60 to 40%. So 40% will see the variant named “Test Variant”. After all changes, publish the variant.

Fig.6: Specify the ratio of audience for each variant.
Fig.7: Change whatever you want to test on the object.

Now it’s time to specify the KPI or Conversion Goal (Fi.8) you want to measure. In this version you can measure Product Items Bought, Visit Product Page and Average Time on Page.

Fig.8: Choose the Conversion goal you want to measure.

For example we choose “product items bought” and submit the test (be aware that the test has not been ran yet). Now you will come back to the main panel of Pink or Blue and see your test in the “Unbegun Tests”.

Fig.9: Press the “Start” button to run the test.

Ready to start? So click on its button and see the conversion result each time you refresh the panel. The test will terminate after 30 days unless you stop it yourself.

Fig.10: Running test panel

In this example (Fig.10) you can see the average number of items bought per product visit.

After you’re done with the test, press the stop button. Your test will be saved in the “Finished tests”.

Fig.11: Finished tests

Liked it?

If you have a WordPress or Woocommerce website and you’re curious about visitors’ behavior, test your ideas with the trial version of Pink or Blue.

For more information just email us your questions and help us with any comment.

PinkOrBlue Info

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