Public transportation is not safe for the women in many countries. Eve teasing, molestation, and other issues always prevent women from going to their offices, institutions, and even for shopping. This has to be stopped, but governments are not taking necessary steps against the problem causing elements. Many women experience the disrespectful behavior of the driver of public transportations. They want a safe ride and it can be possible only if they take a taxi. Though all the taxi companies do not provide excellent support for women, Pink Taxi has decided to resolve it once and for all.


What Is Pink Taxi?

Pink Taxi is the world’s first blockchain-based women-only taxi that empowers hundreds of women and makes them take control of their lives. The main objectives of Pink Taxi is providing female passengers with a secure transportation facility and providing others with an employment platform. Pink Taxi also aims at making day-to-day commuting simpler and convenient by utilizing blockchain technology to ensure the reliability and security of driver and customer data.

How Pink Taxi Women-Only Taxi Drivers Blockchain Works

Through the innovative technology that Pink Taxi will implement, a solution is provided for some of the major problems facing the Taxi Industry such as lack of standardized procedures or…

Pink Taxi has been established as a means to empower women. In fact, they do have a vision for the world at large and has developed a plan for the empowerment of the women so that they can make their own contribution to the world economic situation. How does Pink Taxi plan to achieve it? Let us check it out in the following paragraphs.

Pink Taxi — A Revolutionary Concept

Pink Taxi indeed has a global presence. …

The right way to achieve women empowerment is through letting them get more power and equipping them with the options to empower themselves so that they can take complete control over their lives. Pink Taxi ICO is aimed at exactly that goal. How does it achieve it? Let us check them out in a concise detail.

Pink Taxi ICO — The Concept

Pink Taxi as a concept launched in 2006. Ever since it was introduced as a means of safer transportation for the women, it has received a wider recognition. …

It may not be a universal truth, but public transportation may not be safer for women. There are several cases of eve-teasing, molestation and other kinds of issues that women generally face during their day to day itinerary — no matter whether their travel requirements are for offices, college or even for shopping. One excellent option that can help women against the issues that they may face is Pink Taxi.

What is Pink Taxi?

Well, pink Taxi is world’s first Blockchain Taxi. More than being a Blockchain based Taxi, it is a taxi service that is solely operated by women…

Cryptocurrency has not remained limited to what it used to be in the past. It has moved ahead to innovate other areas of life as well. Originally visualized in 2006, the concept of PinkTaxi has been what would be based on Blockchain making it the first in the world to become the Blockchain based all-women taxi service. Let us check out what this service is all about in this concise compilation.

PinkTaxi — An Innovation

The concept of Pink Taxi has a social background to it. Available in over 18 countries globally, the service is aimed at empowering the women…

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have changed the way we conducted business. In fact, it has found its way into a few fields that we had not expected it to be active just a couple of months back. Pink Taxi revolution is what can be one of such initiatives that thrive on Blockchain technology. The Pink Taxi ICO has been considered to be the innovative initiative that aims to make traveling safer for women besides providing an option for women to earn their livelihood.

Pink Taxi — What It Is?

Pink Taxi is essentially the first Blockchain based taxi service that works…

Pink Taxi Group Ltd. UK

Pink Taxi's vision is to make regular day-to-day travelling less complex and more comfortable, using high tech technology & innovative solution; Blockchain!

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