Questions ????

This is something from which you want some answer or solutions.

The question can be either serious one or the funniest or even the weirdest.

Whatever it can be, we still wish to get an answer, an answer that can work fine whatever the situation be and that can quench the thirst and make us believe that is the correct one.

But unfortunately, one cannot find such answer for any of the questions.The answer that looks right for a specific time and situation can be wrong for another situation.

Along with the time the answer changes too.

Thousands of questions roam around my mind every day, every hour,every minute and every second.Some of those questions are the result of curious mind, some with dissatisfactions, some with anxiety, and some due to variety of human nature.

When I was kid, there were thousands of questions swirling around my mind.Why roses are red and sky is blue? Why mummy always ask us to complete homework first? Whom mummy loves more : me or sissy? Why can’t I fly? blah, blah blah…

Those little weird questions made me brainstorm most of the time and still if I didn’t find the answer that satisfies myself, I used to ask my teachers.

I still remember the day when my science teacher named me as the most talkative student only because I asked lots of questions. And for some days he even banned me asking the questions in his period, saying a lot of time had been wasted by my stupid questions.

On those school days, I remember how quickly I used to get ready for a battle, if any boys claim their superiority over the girls.The stories depicting girls trafficking made me think why boys aren’t trafficked then.When we used to read about gender inequality but I used to get amazed as I didn’t have to go through any such hardships being a girl child.When my teacher taught us that our country is the one with patriarchal society then again, questions starts to roam around my mind.How could our society be patriarchal one, as my dad always used to order us that whatever the decisions our mom made for us,we have to agree on it.

As those golden days turns into years, I grew up and so did my questions.As it says along with the time your priority, your friend circle, your need, your opinion and every other things get changed and how could the questions remain same.

The questions turns out like : What’s the best thing to propose her, roses or lily? Why I can’t ace in my academics like that topper does? What should I aim to be? How do I socialize with other people? and many others why and hows.

But most of the questions were a matured type.This made me feel that with time, you gonna know those answers not correct one but the one that fits in that situation.You learn to adjust with what answers you got and understand the conditions.

Life is full of questions: some are answered or some aren’t.I believe a lot of questions are left unanswered.

But the answers are understood in the verse of time.I believe answers too come wrapped around in different circumstances.When we look back toward the days we have spent, we will figure out that those questions that we have thought unanswered has already been answered teaching us new life lessons.

I came to find out how selfish is the world and how filthy one’s heart can be.Along with that I came to meet with some of those who are ready to sacrifice themselves for your betterment.I came to know that the world is full of different opinion.The thick scars brought by someone’s harsh words can easily erased by someone’s few sweet lines.

Life is short. Enjoy your days!! Don’t think much about your questions that roamed around your mind.Chill !! they will be answered for you, when the right time comes.