Stolen Sex Tapes Zine

This comic is one in a series of excerpts from the upcoming serial publication entitled “Stolen Sex Tapes.” The purpose of this zine is counteract the most heinous of acts: the theft of a person’s essence. The depletion or deletion of the spirit or soul. The building of trust only to have it torn away. The disappearance of the innocence that deserves to thrive in all of us.
What I am looking to publish is — purely and simply — your truth. Your essence. Your wild, true nature. Your actual hopes and desires and fears; not the ones you are expected to have. The Thing You Don’t Tell People. Or perhaps, the thing that you constantly tell people but feel as though nobody is listening.
And now, I present:

Nurturing Instinct

Written by Scott Gray, Illustrations by Ryan Stanley

Parallel scenes run down the left and right panels of this short and brutal comic, which turns the serial killer status quo on its ear. For me, it immediately brought to mind the tale of the Demon Midwife who, along with her husband and a doctor colleague from her hospital, murdered at least 100 babies in Japan in the 1940’s. Her heinous actions might have spurred the Japanese government to legalize induced abortion for economic reasons. Her shrewdness (she turned her passion for expiring babies — which she claimed to have done altruistically during the WWII starvation crisis — into a business opportunity) and position as a trusted health care professional would feel right at home in the panels below…



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