Spirituality and Activism

As you may or may not know, I am a believer of Jesus’ existence and what He did for the world. I am often turned off by using the word “Christian” because it has built it upon itself such a negative connotation. I myself used to dislike Christians…to the point where I would curse them out and torture them with emotional abuse. I often laugh at how ironic God can be, to realize that I became the kind of person I never wanted to be — however I definitely have no regrets. I would not even be alive if it wasn’t for God’s amazing love and creating this turning point in my life.

How would you define “spirituality”? I think I would say it is more like a lifestyle for me. I know that Jesus were among everyone and did not follow society’s rules. My assumptions of Christians were hypocrites trying to be goody-two-shoes who don’t feel pain or in denial of it and that they judge others who were different and felt the pains of this world. To this day, I hate the separation that some create when they label “christian” or “not christian”. I believe that we are all simply the children of God, when we look into each other in the eyes we are looking in the eyes of royalty. There is no separation when God looks at us, then why should there be a rift between us when we look at our fellow man? Spirituality is not a “religion”, but the way I try to put on Jesus’ lens and see the world as he sees it.

Activism easily flows from this perspective of mine because if I see others as the same importance as royal members of the kingdom then it is my essential duty to fight for them. Although I know that I cannot change the world, and know it is God that changes the world — it still means that I have to be His vessel on this earth to do something about the saddening reality of social injustices. My strength is drawn from Him as I have to constantly seek Him and His will in prayer and petition. If I wasn’t a believer of Jesus, I would not be able to do anything and would be driven to an insane level of depression and probably feelings of wanting to commit suicide. Activism is a spiritually heavy and dark activity that can consume us if we do not be careful.

This is why activism in human trafficking is a huge passion of mine. I do not want to live in a world where there are an estimated 27 million people who are enslaved and that I just sit here and not do anything about it. I am not okay with that. That is unacceptable if I call myself a follower of Jesus.

I’ve completed some fundraising and outreach events using the creativity that God blessed me with, however I want to go beyond to telling people about this issue and do something tangible about it. There should be a reason why I am drawn to technology and a yearning to make technology into something approachable and accessible to be used for social causes. I need to see how God can use me to create social impact in this sector. It’s been already too long that I have been afraid of where He will push me. I know that the fear that lives in me comes from distrust that God can take care of me while He brings me on this journey, but I have to deny that fear and distrust because there are people’s lives at stake. I have been comfortable for too long and I need to use my voice for the people who cannot speak for themselves.