Creative Specinematography

Spectacles as cinematography tool

Just like any other cinematography tool, Spectacles also shares the same principals. This is my thought on Spectacles, not just as a camera, but also about how to create story with it.

Spectacles has angle of view

This guide helps us to measure the Spectacles recording area, especially for recording a tight shot, close up to a plane & drawing.

Spectacles has video composition & ratio

Spectacles records in circular video, 1080 x 1080 pixels. The video viewed in portrait/vertical & landscape/horizontal on Snapchat.

Viewed on regular video app
Viewed on Snapchat app

Spectacles deserves tripod mount

Just like any other camera, Spectacles needs to be mounted on regular camera stands, equipments, tripods. Here are some DIY mounts.

Manequin head, paper cup, cardboard

It’s handy for a still shot, especially when it requires drawing overlay that interacts with real objects or environment, like these:

The drawing has to be stay & interacts with real objects.

Spectacles portrait & landscape composition

The circular video gives another dimension for video storytelling. By default, the main view is the vertical or portrait. This going to be the first chapter or main story.

The horizontal or landscape view acts as the second chapter/supporting story; surprise, hidden message, wide area, surrounding.

Two compositions act as two different messages/stories

Making movie with Spectacles & drawing overlay on Snapchat

Some experiments on how we can develop Snapchat story with Spectacles & additional still drawing overlay.

The drawing acts as additional graphic effect or ‘Augmented Reality’ effect
The drawing acts as matte painting effects
Though the drawing is static or still, it’ll give another experience. For example: dynamic flying object like these Star Wars scene. How the users rotate the device can give another experience of Snapchat story.

Making animation with Spectacles

With Spectacles, we can create a basic animation, stop-motion or even manual timelapse by pressing the record button & immediatelly press + hold to stop. It will record less than 1 seconds snap — 14 to 18 frames per snap. But just don’t expect a smooth motion :)

The circular video outside Snapchat

The circular video seems ‘awkward’ outside the Snapchat. It creates a circular white/black frame, kind of wasted area — especially for mobile video that needs optimizing the room in smartphone screen.

Fortunately, the circular video can be cropped into 3 sizes: landscape, portrait & square. With one caveat: smaller than HD. Decent enough for mobil video though.

Hopefully we can get a 4K Spectacles in the future :)