Hello from the future

As an occidental being in Asia is shocking for so many reasons but being ahead for almost 12 hours from home and friends gives you the feeling of being in the future.

This morning we left Paris with something else than just a hungover from Sol’s birthday, we were filled with joy and happiness.

Here we are Paris 3:00 am

We arrange our bags and take a shower in order to leave to Charles de Gaulle and catch our first flight.

We traveled for 55 min to get to Zurich, Switzerland. Once we got there we were impressed by the airport, really nice experience but expensive as… you know what I mean.

Alright, after buying a $7 USD soda can :( we made arrangements to seat together on the plane and fly like the honeymooners we said we were to get the seat changed.

Here we go Mumbai

One question for all.

Will you ever pay for traveling on business class? Is it really worth it?

We arrived to Mumbai’s international airport and oh my, I didn’t expect it to be so modern and well designed.

We took a taxi to our hotel and it was 360 INR that would be $90 pesos.

Right now we are in the hotel having dinner so by now.

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Pino & Sol

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