The Viscous Cycle of Life

Its true that we determine our fate

only, but only by the decisions we take

There is no wrong or right at that moment

whatever comes to mind & heart is frozen

We reassure ourselves we have done the best

and choose to ignore all the rest

We play deaf to all that’s against us

and conform with what soothes us

All goes well until, at some point in life

everything that seemed good and fancy

turns all nasty and ghastly

We get all flustered and try to survive

Do whatever we can to get our lives normalized

Its funny, because we ask God to change our situation

Not knowing he put us to this condition

He chose us to get a change of heart and instill a sense of zeal

He makes us fix our broken bits with love and wonderful experiences

Coz we live not for ourselves but for our loved ones

This is the viscous cycle of life, my friends

Where we are brought back to life, only to die

Good days or bad, we won’t complain

but to understand happiness one must experience pain

This is a viscous cycle of life, my friends,

Back and forth, up or down

LIFE goes on.. and on… and on…..

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