Climate Change the cause for Migration

Migrants is a person or a group of people who leave a place and and go to a different place, in order to move and create a new life. They may move because they want better working or living conditions. But there are other factors that play into migrant moving from a place they have called home. These factors can be all connected back to environmental changes. Environmental Change can also be known as a cause for Climate Change. It is the cause of a combination of destruction the to air, land, plants, and animals. The Migration rate for all over the world has increased in areas that have had the greatest of climate change around the world, because of the change in the weather, the lands that were once fertile, and the animals that have died off.

Climate change is connected to the land, air, and animals living all around the world. Many people leave land, when they no longer have the means to succeed on that land. Many times people live off the land, when the climate changes and the season are on out of whack; this can cause many of the planets and animals to not be able to grow properly or to feed themselves correctly. Which, in conclusion may cause the people to need to move to any area that is thriving better, than the area that they are on.

A major cause of movement for people could be Desertification. Desertification is the change of liveable, healthy land to desert and unlivable land. This is at many times a major time of migrants moving from the land that they onced lived in. It is connected global climate because as stated in the text it changes the weather from wetter to dryer. Another major connection to climate change is the disappearance of many species. This can also be a cause of people moving. If species die off and they are species that migrants use to farm, make clothes, or build; this will mean that they no longer have the means to live in that area and survive. Another major thing that affect the air that is need to help us breathe, is deforestation. Deforestation is the taking away of fertile by clearing it to building new building, or construct farmland. This causes the decrease of fresh clean air that is brought the environment to help plants grow.

These few connection are just a few of things that are brought into the topic of climate change and the migration of people to different areas of the world. Climate change is a serious deal because it can change the way that people live and how the harvest and plant crops. It can alter the amount of production done by people which in contrast, can cause people to lose income in their business of production of crops. Climate change needs to become more aware because the more people pollute and alter the atmosphere that we live in the more likely the possibility that people may have to move and find a new place to live and make money, because they destroyed the area that was once fertile to an area that can no longer produce the necessary means to keep its plants and animals alive. Last but not least, climate change is important and crucial, and people must start to pay attention and come to terms that it is affecting and changing our planet.