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Yes, we’re aware of the vast amount of Tech Communities in Colombia. But we believe that in the actual state of #WomenInTech in Colombia, confidence (struggle with imposter syndrome) and meaningful connections are the keys.

Our goals: Being and becoming leaders and role models in the tech industry.

Our mantras:

  • Influence the change we wish to see in the world
  • Trust your own path and choices
  • Sharpen your skills
  • Valuable connections
  • Human discussions
  • Inspire the next generation

Unique barriers to enter tech fields like work and family responsibilities can be a hurdle that keeps many women from continuing professional development. If you’re not a woman in tech, it may be unclear why…it’s simple: We just had a sense that women needed to stick together.

Pioneras (Corporación Pioneras) is a registered non-profit. Donations will help with funding free events for women in Medellín, Colombia. But most important we need your support, whether it’s through mentoring, hiring, teaching or collaborating on a project. Help us making women more visible, and helping to achieve their goals.

Are you a truly Women Pioneer in tech?

Share your knowledge with us 👉

We are part of Colombia Dev Community:


12 charlas (Talks) / Taller (Workshop)

  • 3 Angular
  • 2 React
  • 2 Ruby

Firebase / Atomic Design / Prototype / Git Flow / Markdown / Testing / Higher Order Functions / Clojure / MongoDb / Docker / Ionic3 / Swift / IoT / GO / Typescript / Django / VueJS / NextJS / Wordpress / Entrepreneurs / Personal Branding

In 2017 we had great guests like @julian_duque who taught us about @nodejs, @davsket who taught as how to implement a bot in @slack , @alexrqs talked about #Redux and #NextJS and @andresbarreto talked about creating a personal brand for developers. Our thanks to them. THANKS #WomenInTech

  • Advanced talkes: NodeJS / Redux / NextJS / Slack Bot / WebCamJS


Startup Weekend Women Edition:


In 2017 we actively participate in the following workshops:


We were members, volunteers, assistants or we received scholarships of:

* Pyco

* ScaleConf

* RubyConf

* JSConf

* ngColombia

Thanks for the support!


* Webcongress @ouali

* Táctico by Luis Betancur: @luis3etancourt

* Startup Grind Medellín:




Thanks to all the amazing people from this list:

  • Claudia Lagos
  • Julián Jaramillo
  • Guillermo Rodas
  • Federico Builes
  • Nicolás Hock
  • Johana Salinas
  • Carolina Cordero
  • Katmai
  • Adolfo Builes
  • Buritica
  • Julián Duque


We were pleased to be part of these initiatives being mentors and influencers of their impact on the ecosystem.


Unconditional friends of our cause:

  • Juliana Hernández A.K.A Naranjita golden / Julianaly Tica (We do not know about you but we’ll always remember you) ❤
  • Juan Pablo Buriticá (@buritica)
  • Cathe López (@LopezCatherine) The boss.
  • Julián Duque (@julian_duque) the dad and big support of this community.
  • MedellinJS and it’s amazing team: Adrián Estrada (@edsadr) and Jessee (@jessecogollo)
  • All the team of Monoku (❤): Julián Amaya(@julian_amaya), Nata (@Gum), David Avellaneda Ballén(@davsket), Alejandra, we are truly greatful.
  • Jessica Mercedes (@Jessica Mercedes) + Atom House (@TheAtomHouse)
  • Julián Arango (@Yanoescharro) and nodo ecosystem (@nodocoworking)
  • Oscar Rendón (@orendon) and its amazing energy and support always + Barista Ventures (Barista Ventures) + MedellinRB (@RubyMedellin)
  • Stella Miranda (@fashionate) A determined woman, intelligent, loyal. An incredible human being. We admire you very much.
  • JointDevelopers (jointDeveloper) and the leaders Yen y Carolina Gómez. A sister community in Pereira.
  • To the incredible team of JsConfCo and RubyConf that have always supported us. They are community heroes.

Thanks! 🙏

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