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Floating In The Wind Or How To Create The Illusion Of Whirling Leafs

A herbarium (plural: herbaria) is a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data used for scientific study. The term can also refer to the building or room where the specimens are housed, or to the scientific institute that not only stores but uses them for research.

If you ever had the opportunity to visit Denmark, you’ll surely noticed the relaxing aspects of its nature and everything that’s attached to it. Danish people are calm, sometimes stoic and have a fine-tuned sense for their environment. They are also very proud of their designers and architects and how these people try to incorporate nature’s beauty into living areas big or small.

In a collaboration between the Danish designers of MOEBE, Norm Architects, and Paper Collective the artists now surprise not only customers but also people appreciating their unique approach to what the principle of herbarium and transparency can do for your home.

Simple frames, transparent photographs, leaf prints that blend into every home are really captivating to look at. All the different angles create a composition of greenery that indeed floats within a house and the minds of its people. It’s such an adorable and easy solution that anyone is able to recreate and enjoy this design.

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