Here’s to the crazy ones

Image: iPhone X,

Everyone is talking about the new iPhone’s notch. Some say it’s hideous. Some say you’ll stop noticing it in a matter of minutes. Both are probably true. Yes, it’s ugly, but after some time with the phone you probably won’t care.

Say what you will, though, the notch is not a conservative design choice. Albeit hedged somewhat by the concurrent release of iPhone 8, it’s essentially betting the company on whether people embrace the notch or not.

And that says a lot about Apple. Despite growing in size to gargantuan proportions they still seem not to be afraid to face criticisms. They still seem not to be afraid to hold their own point of view.

Time will tell whether the notch was a brilliant design move or a gimmick. More importantly though, it will show if Apple is still driven by the same sense of rebelliousness it once aspired to. Ultimately, that’s what really matters.