Vue Storefront 1.0RC has been released!

This is great news for the project and the whole community around it. We’ve just published the 1.0 Release Candidate!

In this release

Our primary goal with 1.0RC was to make it much easier to build new extensions and themes. We also aimed at making the product as reliable as we could. Our works were focused on refactoring, extensibility and documentation.

Key new features:

  • Magento shopping cart promo rules support,
  • Click&Collect shipping,
  • New extensions and themes structure, separated app. core,
  • Documentation and refactoring,
  • Please check the Release Notes for the details.

Although Vue Storefront is production ready from last two editions, with 1.x line we will do our best to not introduce any breaking changes to keep the production projects updatable and maintainable.

Core Team

The strength of Vue Storefront is our development team which consist of 27 talented developers around the world! We’re extremely proud to introduce new contributors:

  • Anna Karon @anqaka — bug fixing,
  • Thomas Thune @thomasthune — droppoints shipping method,
  • Michał Gałężewski @PanMisza — eslint-plugin-vue support
  • Tomasz Kikowski @qiqqq — themes extensibility + refactoring
  • Marcin Lasak — @marlass — webpack extensibility for theme developers,

The release wouldn’t have happened without our Core Team:

  • Filip Rakowski @filrak — architecture design, project and release management
  • Adam Marcinkowski @mercs600 — CSS + palette refactor,
  • Paweł Szafrański @szafran89 — vuex stores refactor,
  • Damian Fiałkiewicz @Aekal — new sass structure, accessibility improvements, task management,
  • Akbar Abdrakhmanov @akbarik — docs, refactoring
  • Karol Bzik @karolbzik — product design + UI tests

If you want to appear on this list with the next release, don’t hesitate to become a contributor. Just drop us an e-mail to

What’s next

As this is the Release Candidate, the final release of 1.0 is planned for the 1st April. The Roadmap for 1.0 and 1.1 is under development and w’re open to suggestions. Please join us on Slack or contact via

While planing the 1.0 and 1.1 release (April), we’re searching for new partners and supporting their production implementations.

Right now we have 7 official partners from US, UK, Argentina, Poland, Australia. By being our partner you get early access to new product releases and core developers support. Contact us to become partner.

Meet the team

We’re rallying the world evangelizing the PWA and Vue Storefront. You can meet us: