My glass is always half full

Failure is one of the most important teachers. There is nothing wrong with trying more than once and the facts speak for themselves. Failure gave me a lesson of humility. Failure taught me more than success would do.

I feel a little bit odd with starting this blog with the second attempt to run the postgraduate studies on elearning.

Lesson learnt

Last 2 years I’ve spent on planning and brining to life first postgraduate studies about elearning in Poland. It was a quite difficult project and finally resulted with failure. There was a very good plan, syllabus, lecturers, full support from the university. There was no candidates, at least not enouch candidates to start.

What does it mean to me? First of all lesson of humility. Everyone should attend this lesson. The more self confident you are the more required this lesson is. Why? Because each and every mistake in your life is a fuel for upcoming actions. Each and every failure is leading you to better product, better life, better studies. After this year I have much more determination and power to start again and remove all the obstacles.

This time I will make it happen!

Where does the idea come from?

Few year ago I wanted to find a postgraduate course on elearning. I wanted to find the best people, practicioners willing to share their experience about instructional design, training development and everything that is necessary to make elearning successful.

Unfortunately when you live in Central Europe where elearning is still not very popular there is no chance to make this dream come true. Despite we have lots of universities not even one offers this kind of studies.

So if you want to study online training you need to go west or start to learn on your own. I’ve chosen both but after more then five years I’ve realized that there are more and more specialists so we can try to kickoff our own studies. We do have experts, we do have universities interested in this topic and we do have people that would like to become students. First two assumptions were true. The third one needs to be validated as my first approach showed that I am only 50% right.

New year and new approach

But if I am 50% right that means that the glass is half full and I need only 50% of the candidates to start the first edition. I do not know if this will be easy like chasing bunnies or hard like french kissing a cobra but this way or another it is worth trying. Because even if I will fail again I will get another lesson.

The new approach started with the dedicated website: Study eLearning (in Polish) and simple list of things to do:

  • find people that already took that path.
  • rework the whole plan,
  • talk and listen to potential students,
  • organize free workshops,
  • focus
  • do more

The gift of overachievement

A year and a half after creating this list and having my glass half full I need another glass, as first graduates suprised me with their overachievement, great commitment and willingness to continue this adventure.

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