Scientifically accurate pickup lines — make a nice impression with science! :D

Facebook is a good source of daily inspiration. So I decided to invent scientifically valid pickup lines with mentioning the scientists responsible, as some were cloggin my wall. Kudos to all the punmasters.

As a caveat, I start all these lines with just a ‘Baby’, but you can use bae, honey badger, unicorn or whatever you want. I guess making the opener as unscientific as possible would yield better results. Test it and report back.

Valentine’s Day is tommorow, so be ready to use this new arsenal. This is to the crazy ones!

“Baby, you must be the hole to my electron because I fit right into your bandgap”

This line is inspired by William Bradford Schockley, the original founder of Silicon Valley. You can read about him on Wikipedia. The pickup line is inspired by his book.

“Baby, you warp space and time like a black hole because I can’t get out of you”

This line is inspired by Stephen Hawking, the first person to describe black holes. A worthy challenge is to read on his PhD thesis.

“Baby, you’re the Gauss to my Maxwell, we end up unified”

This line comes from inspiration drawn from Gauss and Maxwell. The latter unified electromagnetism into what we now know as Maxwell’s Equations. They form the basis of modern civilization. Kind of.

“Baby, the Casimir effect is so strong between us you’re making this a unicyclic Feynmann diagram”

This comes for Feynmann’s one-cycle diagrams, as described preliminarly on Wikipedia. Amongst other things, Dick Feynmann worked on the atomic bomb in the Manhattan Project, with the likes of Robert Oppenheimer.

“Baby, you’re glowing so red that we’re about to fuse.”

Nuclear fusion takes place in huge electromagnetic ovens, utilizing beautiful patterns of the magnetic field to contain the impressive energy. To do that, humanity builds tools like the tokamak.

“Baby, you’re so porous it’s making me percolate into you”

Percolation is quite a process. It’s essence is described on Wikipedia. Amongst the slew of scientific modelling of current transport, fluid transport, a practical use of percolation is making coffee ;D

Source: Wikipedia. Percolation (Physical Process of filtering fluids through porous media)

“Baby, your phase is making my power rise to the point I need a CMS to detect the blast”

Of course, I could not leave out a slight hint at CERN, specifically, the CMS project.

The CMS detector at CERN. Source:


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