There are plenty of ICOs around. I held two opinions and they are apparently contradictory: (1) There is a bubble in ICOs valuations, and (2) We can learn and earn a lot from blockchain and ICOs. Let me elaborate on this schizophrenia — and on possible positive outcomes. I will also share some thoughts about the recently launched Neufund.

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@ Karsten Wentink

Blockchain Schizophrenia

I missed blockchain and bitcoin in its early days. I was intellectually and entrepreneurially lazy, and I stayed in my comfort zone not even checking what was going on. It was very unprofessional. The second chance was about two and half years ago when I had understood the concepts of distributed databases and immutable database records. It was clear to me that I had to look more closely at blockchain and its eco-systems. However, with the portfolio full of companies and the fundraising for the second fund close by, I just had no time.


A year ago, ICOs appeared and shocked everybody: startups, investors, crypto-communities and others. Though familiar with blockchain, when the first ICO began I did not even believe that it was happening. News about the first ICOs just did not fit into my understanding of the world. After a while I researched the topic and, remembering the initial dot-com crash, I concluded…

I always loved dancing but it was only recently that I took it seriously. What happened? Why? I would like to treat dancing as an excuse and share a few thoughts on soft skills in startups and in business.

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@ Filip Pobłocki. On the photo Marta Grabowska & Ewa Świtoń. The workshop with Marta at Kontakt was my dancing initiation.

My story

Each story is different, I will share the one that I know the best.


I was an intelligent kid, simply the processor in my mind worked fast. I guess I was in the top 0.1% of the population. I loved thinking and I loved abstraction therefore I did my first two degrees in most abstract and intellectual subjects, that is in philosophy and mathematics.


But I was missing something and when opportunity happened I eagerly accepted an entrepreneurial proposal that a friend of mine proposed to me. It was the first level of my personal development. To be practical. To have things done. To sell. To deliver results. Because the resources as in every startup were limited, any delay, any mistake was painful and could be lethal for the business. …

This post shows one of the ways how to become an investor in a venture capital firm. This post is also a job listing for Innovation Nest.

The problem of future investors

Let me start from the beginning. Becoming an investor in a venture capital fund is not easy. Therefore, we offer investment experience in VC setup.

On the other hand we see that increasing the talent pool of people who invest is beneficial for VCs who do this. Thus, we made a decision to increase the funnel of talent in Innovation Nest through posting regular position for venture partner at Innovation Nest, and we do not limit our outreach to our network.

Venture Partner

The path to become a VC that I have in mind is a position of venture partner. Brad Feld, one of our role models, describes venture partner as follows on Ask the…


Piotr Wilam

early stage investing @InnovationNest

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