Why the right hemisphere matters

I always loved dancing but it was only recently that I took it seriously. What happened? Why? I would like to treat dancing as an excuse and share a few thoughts on soft skills in startups and in business.

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@ Filip Pobłocki. On the photo Marta Grabowska & Ewa Świtoń. The workshop with Marta at Kontakt was my dancing initiation.

My story



Being practical was liberating and it was like my earlier fascination — sailing. Wherever I sailed, racing on 420s or crossing the open sea with no lands

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around, or enjoying Mazury, it was always the same: if you did not execute well, the response was merciless. Practical activity opened me up. I was in-between thinking and action.




Dancing is the opposite. It is physical and it requires submerging into the flow. It needs a lot of intuition and empathy but thinking is practically non-existent. While dancing, mind works in a different mode and time passes in a different way.

At this point I would like to thank Edward for creating such a fantastic place as Kontakt.


Why soft skills matter

Delivering results

Creativity and innovation



For all of the four reasons, soft skills matter. It is not a wishy-washy soft stuff. Soft skills build results.

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I dedicate this post to everybody searching for the other half of themselves, searching for the metaphorical right brain hemisphere. For me today it is dancing. Being a pragmatic person — believe me it pays back!

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@ Kontakt

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early stage investing @InnovationNest

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