Universal B2B Marketing Tips

There are so many stereotypes about B2B. This cold business world seems like the worst place for the golden nuggets that are your creative marketing ideas.

Well… don’t underestimate B2B. Snobbery ends behind fancy office doors. 
There are normal people (just like me and you) whom you are going to talk to in B2B, not some soulless corporate creatures.

So the first rule of B2B marketing — forget about:

  • boring official tone of voice
  • robot-like messages
  • pure concentration on heavy data, difficult-to-understand graphs and charts.

Instead — keep your communication human-like, make jokes, be witty. In the end there is no B2C or B2B — only Human-to-Human
On the other hand, your B2B prospects are overexposed to classic B2C marketing. According to various studies, an average person sees from 3,000 to 20,000 marketing messages per day (depending on what we include to the term “marketing message”). And majority of these messages try to play with our human emotions and/or entertain us.
So how to stand out in this overloaded marketing world?
Personalization is the key!

Stalk on your audience

Well, not in a creepy way of course.
Just do research to get a clear image of your potential customers. Grab every opportunity to talk to them (events, online communities). Try social listening (you can read more about it here).
In the end you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What problems and challenges do your potential customers face?
  • What is important to them?
  • What is their goal or dream?
  • What is special about their business?

The insight you’ll eventually get is priceless for crafting a personalized B2B marketing strategy.

Speak your clients’ language

To build a bridge of understanding you should speak the same language as your target customers.

Even more — adapt to their style of communication. When addressing your prospects you should sound like a friend, reflect their tone of voice and cultural/market peculiarities.

Analyse the situation, try to predict how you will be perceived to be appropriate and avoid awkwardness.

Seek first to understand, then to be understood (as Stephen Covey says)

And take it seriously.

Don’t try to impose your product/service.

Be customer-centric in the first place. Express your interest in a potential customer, mention facts you know about her or him, appreciate what she/he does, emphasize what you have in common.

People like special attention. So make them know that you understand them and want to find more about them.

Keep your clients’ happiness in mind

This is the mindset that all your business units must have.

Focus on making your potential clients happy on every stage of interaction — starting from the first meeting. Remember that first impression matters, in B2B world equally as anywhere else.

Popularize this state of thinking among other departments. It might make some of your colleagues grouch, simply because making clients happy requires additional efforts. But it also pays off. Just be patient and persistent.
I hope you will find these tips useful. Good luck!

This is a Quora answer by our Content Specialist — Dasha Oliinyk

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