My next journey – where old is new again

In 2015 I moved back into school after quite some time as a consultant in large public education programs and my own little small business.

I moved back into school because I felt my instincts were lying, that I didn’t really remember the reality of the classroom, and that I was a fraud. You could say that I had a case of EduImposter Sydrome. You can read the inside of my mind here.

I went back to school, and I had fun. I found a wonderful school, and I got to test my instinct, try my memory, push my soul. I was inspired by students and I was both challenged and energised by staff.

I had proved to myself that my passions and beliefs about future focussed learning and learning through technology were true. My gut was right and my imposter syndrome needed to go and take a hike.

But something started to niggle again. I just couldn’t see myself sitting in a single school anymore. My EduWanderlust returned and I felt the need to share, inspire, support and empower more than just those in our little inner west Sydney school.

I finally understood that I am inspired when I teach, but I am totally energised when I lead professional learning. My life passion is to help educators to help students to be the best they can be. And that’s ok.

So, I’m returning to my little education consulting company DLE, to do just that.

I’m sad to be leaving school, and the tears still flow far too regularly. I’ll miss my new school friends, but I also know that I’ll see them in workshops and online spaces everywhere.

In the meantime, I hope I’ll meet many new friends, inspire and empower many others and in doing so create oodles and oodles of opportunities for students across the globe.

I’m up for it. Let’s do this thing…