So it’s been a year?

This time one year ago I was heading into my first full time teaching foray since mid 2008. I was really scared. I just didn’t tell anyone.

On that day I wrote some sketchnotes on a keynote given at our College School Development Day.

Today these notes popped up in my Facebook memories.

Ouch. The awkwardness of memories tickled my consciousness.

I sat and reflected on the impact of this speech by members of our Aboriginal Community. Have I followed through with my notes? Have I made an impact on those girls in my class that I know hold proud their lineage? Not so sure I have done so as well as I could, but this reminder has put a little task on my to-do list today. Time to check my programming for Term 2. Time to revisit 8 Ways and get real with it.

This then led to a bigger reflection. So, if I’ve been full time for a year have I made a difference in my school community? Have I? I don’t know. As with most teachers, sometimes I feel I’ve dented the universe way off its trajectory, other times I feel I’ve dug deep into the depths of hell trying just to survive.

I know that I feel more comfortable walking into my school every morning. I can say hello to students by name more now and chat about their world a little more. Through teaching Japanese again, my instinct to teach has once again bubbles forth. Once again in loving constructing learning experiences that extend and inspire students, no matter what they bring through the classroom door. Ive been part of committees that aim and changing things for the better of all. I’ve planned and plotted, implemented and reflected.

I’ve got to know staff in the school and in doing so have begun to understand their needs and how I can help them to be the best they can be. I’m sure my never ending need to improve and do new things in new ways is tiresome for some, but I’ve settled to understand that that’s who I am. That’s the kind of person I am, no matter if I’m in schools, state offices or working with corporations. I’ll always be that way. And that’s OK.

So I guess I’ve made an impact, and yet I feel there is so much more to go. I’ve got learning to do, and things to create. And that’s OK. I’ll get there. But I know myself better and I’m getting stronger at trusting myself. Yeah, I’ve done ok.