Be there where your customers are

Pipe Communications LLC is launching soon Pipe, a chatbot that enables businesses to connect with customers right inside Facebook messenger

Pipe allows businesses to chat with customers inside Facebook messenger and answer their questions or deliver products.

1. Register Your Business

Simply chat with PipeBot on Facebook messenger and register your business. Pipe will send you an email to validate your business.

2. Ask your customers to connect with you on Facebook messenger

Once you registered your business and got verified, share pipe handle for your business with the customers.

Customers can simply send your business handle to PipeBot in Facebook messenger to initiate chat with you.

3. Customers look you up and chat with you

Whether you are a restaurant or local Spa, you can use PipeBot to chat with customers and take care of their needs.

When your customers send your pipe handle to PipeBot, it automatically initiate a chat with you and your customers within Facebook Messenger.

Yes. It’s FREE

That’s right, pipe is currently a free service. It supports unlimited chats with unlimited customers. Go ahead and make Pipe work for you.