Blogging in WSP 101

Blog Summaries

My first blog post for WSP 101, New York City, Chicago, and Irangeles, answered the question: Why would immigrant Iranians and Iranian Americans establish themselves in Los Angeles instead of another major city? In my post, I explain why Los Angeles is an enticing symbol of success and why specific immigrant groups have become an established part of its culture.

“What is “M.Butterfly” about anyways?” includes self-formulated questions about the play M.Butterfly. The purpose of this post was to raise questions in order to find answers that would deepen my interpretation of the literary work.

My Big Question changed over the course of the semester, evolving as I grew as an individual. My initial idea addressed the relevance of the United Nations. In this post, Is calling the United Nations “irrelevant” a fair judgement?, you will find sources and articles supporting my argument as well as the reasons why I chose this topic.

During the RTTP unit, I submitted a piece that was featured in The Masses. My entry, Bread and Roses, was a persuasive piece written with the intention of garnering support for the suffrage movement. I enjoyed embodying a character who had such a strong commitment to the movement, it made writing my piece more of a mental exercise of creativity rather than an assignment.

The final unit of the class was what WSP is all about. I enjoyed learning about my classmate’s passions. This unit showed me that my classmates are all amazing individuals with unique interests and different modes of self-expression. The following links are all of the blog posts that were assigned by the presenters for homework.

Personality and Computer Analysis —Here, you can find answers to questions about how I manage time and resources. Spoiler alert! I am a morning person.

Effective Communication through Graphic Design — Answers questions about effective communication techniques.

KPOP Assignment — Reactions to various styles of music videos, explores the symbolism of the styles.

Thinking Like an NGO — This was my presentation. This link contains the homework I assigned to the class and gives a brief overview of NGOs.

Nutrition Homework — Here, I explain my previous knowledge of healing with nutrition and list some of my favorite foods that have health benefits.

WSP Art Homework — I wrote a few song lyrics and tapped into my creative self.

Monomyth Homework — I described my connection with Indiana Jones and answered a few questions about the various categories of heroes.

Ayurveda Homework — I spoke about what I learned from the lesson about connecting with my body and spirit.

Stress Homework — I learned how to manage stress!

Abuse Awareness Homework — I learned about different forms of abusive relationships.

Drumline Homework — I realized the beauty of drumline as a sport.

Creation of Life Homework — I spoke about my experience with religion and how it connected to the lesson.

America’s Digital Dumping Ground Homework — Wow! Ever thought about where your old computer goes? I didn’t until now.

Homelessness Homework — I learned that the homeless population is in need of help, especially in the Los Angeles Area.