Thinking like an NGO

If you think about it, you can pull inspiration from a multitude of things that you come across in life. Engineers can be inspired by nature’s structures, artists can find a new subject walking down the street, the possibilities are endless. Ideas can come to you at any given moment with no warning at all. It is in these moments when a form of learning occurs, the kind that leads to individual growth.

Today, we will be exploring nongovernmental organizations in search of that coveted “ah ha” moment. That will come when you realize that you can think in the same way as an NGO in order to resolve issues. We will be learning how to better our community through our study of NGOs. What can we learn from an NGO? Let’s find out.

Task 1: Watch the video above and tweet a few things you learned with the #WSP101. Be prepared for a class review of the basics of an NGO–this is nothing to be scared of!

Task 2: Make two lists with each containing 3–5 items. The first should list large problems in society and the second should list smaller problems that you see in your community or everyday life. We will reference these lists during class discussion.

See you in class!

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