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Journalist/author/editor specializing in money, relationships, food and health. Fan of brunch, Stephen Colbert, heated car seats. Click follow ⬇

Make your offer stand out in today’s scorching hot real estate market

The housing market is red hot. Prices are up, inventory is way down, and buyers are making wildly speculative offers in order to win bids.

Whether you call it a bubble, crisis or just plain crazy, the current real estate market mania is unlike anything we’ve seen before. Sellers are firmly in the driver’s seat, and buyers are out of luck unless they’re willing to resort to drastic measures to nab a home.

Indeed, it’s not uncommon for buyers to make offers that are $20,000-$100,000 over the list price, all in cash, and without any contingencies, including a home inspection.

I resist labels, but if you had to put some on me, they would include: journalist, editor, ghostwriter and author.

I’ve built a career writing about finance, health, relationships and food.

New ideas fascinate me.
New solutions mesmerize me.

A big chunk of my life is dedicated to finding ways to make life better for me and those I may influence.

I like trying new things.
I love relying on old things.

I can be a little bit crunchy.
I can be a lot rock and soul.

I think people can change.
I get frustrated when they don’t.

I believe…

QAnon conspiracy theories are just a symptom of what is driving Trump’s base. It’s much more basic than that.

We’ve been seeing each other for 25 years. And while our relationship is limited to him poking around my mouth with blunt instruments, my dentist and I have a lot in common.

We’re both well-educated.

We both have well-paying careers.

And we both have friends in the community.

Neither of us is a disaffected outcast who has lost a job or been marginalized socially or economically.

Yet on a recent visit, just days after the Capitol Hill insurgency, he revealed that he had voted for Donald Trump not only once, but twice. …

I didn’t realize how much my assumptions were affecting me and everyone around me.

Couple holding hands looking at sunset
Couple holding hands looking at sunset

He was there again. Damn. I had gone to the pool nine times in the past month, and every time, the same guy was swimming in my favorite lane.

One time, I tried to get him to move over so I could share with him. I sat on the edge, dangled my legs in and waited for him to stop. He didn’t. He just kept swimming, as if I wasn’t even there.

Entitled asshole, I thought, who does he think he is?

I sat down at the edge of the next lane — the inferior lane with the sloped pool…

Four good reasons to avoid target-date funds for your retirement nest egg

computer terminal showing stock market prices
computer terminal showing stock market prices

If you have a 401(k), there’s a good chance you’re invested in a target-date fund.

And why not? It’s simple. You just pick a date closest to your retirement date, and the fund company handles the investment choices for you.

Typically, target-date funds invest in a mix of stock and bond index funds, leaning more heavily toward stocks the further away from retirement you are and more heavily toward bonds the closer you get to retirement.

A lot of people like this approach. In fact, Americans currently have $1.9 …

Illumination Story Book Series

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I’m not a relationship expert. I’m just a writer who has made a lot of mistakes in relationships, and I enjoy sharing my experiences. Dr Mehmet Yildiz suggested putting these essays in a book format. I hope they help you enhance and improve your relationships.

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How to Show Your Partner Appreciation

I never understood how important this skill is — until my marriage ended.

The Three Words That Change Everything

Three simple words helped me change my mindset, and that has made all the difference in my relationships.

The Taboo Topic Men Are Afraid to Discuss and…

7 ways to cut the cost of carryout food

You’re stuck at home and too tired to cook, so you order takeout. If that scenario sounds familiar, you’re not alone. According to the National Restaurant Association, the percentage of adults who order takeout from restaurants is up about 8% since the pandemic began, and it’s expected to rise another 10% over the next several months.

But ordering in is far more expensive than cooking. So how do you ensure you don’t blow your budget when you get takeout? Here are seven ways:

1. Pick it up yourself.

With so many restaurants offering curbside pick-up these days, you don’t even have to get out of…

Prime still offers many benefits, but if free shipping is what you want, consider these Amazon alternatives

Once you try Amazon Prime, it’s hard to give up. It’s not just the rich suite of services, from video streaming to photo storage that Prime offers, but it’s the basic two-day free shipping that gets you.

Love it or hate it, Amazon offers an enormous array of products, from toilet paper to auto parts. And they can all be delivered to your home in two days or less.

It’s that convenience that had other retailers shaking in their boots long before COVID-19. But since the pandemic, free two-day shipping that’s truly reliable is even more prized.

Still, many people…

Not to mention tastier, healthier and more comfortable, too

woman jumping for joy with confetti
woman jumping for joy with confetti

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy stuff to make your life better — even during a pandemic. Here are five products that did just that for me this year.

Important note: there are no affiliate links in this article, and I have no relationship to any of these companies.

1. Hand Chemistry Hand Moisturizer ($7-$39)

The Chemistry Brand is part of The Abnormal Beauty Company, known for its low prices, no-nonsense packaging and effective products. My hands can normally get pretty dry, especially in the winter. …

Reframing my outlook and focusing on what I can control are the keys

open hands holding a flower
open hands holding a flower

I’ve been looking at chicken recipes. Roast chicken is comfort food, and I’ve decided that the perfect recipe will make me feel happy inside. Should I tuck fresh herbs under the skin? Add some fresh garlic drizzled in olive oil to the pan? Or perhaps just stuff some lemon slices in the cavity?

These are the things I’ve been contemplating as I slowly wean myself from my insidious doomscrolling habit.

The fact is the past few months have taken a toll on me. I just can’t do the pandemic and political nonsense anymore. I’m done with it.

Done with the…

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