Arbol de la Vida, Puntarenas

(Re)Discovering Magic & Miracles

Part 3 in a series about Do Costa Rica and its people. Part 1 & Part 2 here
If you could have the capability to perform one magic trick, what would it be? What seems impossible in your life, and what would it take for that to become possible?
Mentalist blowing minds.

Carlos López, also known as Mentor, the magician who transforms children’s lives in the poorest regions of Colombia, gave us powerful a recipe for hope. While leaving us dumbfounded with his increasingly complex tricks, he incited us to share our secrets, teach to empower and to DO it with a purpose. The magic will then come by itself.

We discovered a different kind of magic through Francisco Grau, whose belief in miracles created a place for community growth, for healthy lifestyles and fair economic exchange: the Feria Verde in San José. The key, Francisco shared, is to set up and express an intention, and then release it upon the universe, like one releases a helium balloon into the sky. If the intention and the motives are pure, the universe will respond in ways that seem at times, miraculous, as they did over and over in his inspiring story.

“Well Mr. Ambassador, how can I explain this?”

What miracles in your life could help you take that next step?

And it is impossible to discuss magic & miracles and not speak about Giancarlo Pucci’s magical trees. In the midst of a transformative existential crisis, he turned to trees for counsel, and found the strength to make big changes in his life and to be persistently courageous. This he certainly practices, as he since has released several amazing photography books that honor the natural beauty of his home country, Costa Rica.

The magical trees were all around us at Puerta a la Vida, gifting us with the sweetest mangoes or just providing a presence of wisdom and inspiration. As Do Costa Rica began, we formed a circle around the Vida Tree and asked for permission to share this beautiful place.

These are the moments to ask the big questions, and Giancarlo left us with a great one: What gives you courage? Next time you see a beautiful tree, ask.

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