The Power of Good Branding

A brief comment about design

It was just yesterday when I go on Twitter and saw that Jack Dorsey (@jack) tweeted this:

So after seeing this tweet, I got intrigued and knew I had to check it out for myself. Without even reading what Jelly was about or even opening the app I knew it had something to do with Twitter, just because the color and icon design was very similar to the Vine.

Icon Deisgn

This part is a bit funny because I went to and I was like “oh wow this is a simple homepage, I love it”, one second later I noticed the download buttons were not align and wondered why so then it was when I realized that the whole page was animated.This animation brings the brand to life. This is a great example of code helping great design to look and feel even better.

Homepage animation

I would love to see some of the design process that the Jelly team went through and congratulate Alexa Grafera (@grafera) and the rest of the team for doing such an awesome job. As a designer/developer I truly enjoy seeing this level of detail in product.

Wish the best to Jelly & happy Wednesday everyone!

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