But if science attempts to answer all the questions we’d ever have, how then can you answer questions like “What is the purpose of life?” There’s not much science can tell you.
As a scientist, I hate science.
Supriya Thukral

I agree with this, also as a scientist. My field, biology, has been infected with so much ideology that it is being plagued with the idea of “destiny”, i.e. your destiny as a human being depends on your biology — which is a fancy way of saying you are your genes. This attitude, although packaged in a scientific envelope harms science more than it does to service it. And it relies on an old notion in biology that traces its roots to the idea of nobility (and even beyond, see my article: https://medium.com/@pipporanito/the-story-of-us-597ec9299745#.1z9d7yhcn).

It’s also a sad state of affairs that science is being used as an argument for religion when in fact it isn’t. What irritates me a lot is seeing Darwin being turned into a poster-boy for atheism or something.

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