Draw the Line — join the dots

Artistically the line is considered to be a series of endless dots. Rhythm is repetition. Visual rhythm creates a sensation of movement. Movement of the line creates action which guides and directs us to follow the visual beat — a myriad of options — some we choose — some we don’t.

Artistic Direction

the Zigzag Line

Zigzag lines are active — they evoke excitement, drama, mystery, intensify emotions — and create confusion. Zigzag lines are not at rest and neither is the artist— inspiration comes from every direction constantly and each thought process takes us down another path of discovery. Yet there is an invisible line — a red thread — which invisibly links these lines of thought together, back to an idea, a goal — self discovery.

High Drama — Change

the Diagonal Line (A-Line)

Diagonal lines are supportive of one another — there is stability and structure like the roofline of a home or an A-Line skirt (fitted at the hips and widened towards the hem, like a capital A). The mentor is keeping us on track, guiding, motivating and propelling us to achieve and exceed our goals and aspirations — whilst silently allowing us to sing our own unique song — an invisible line (a thread) is drawn linking mentor and mentee.

Horizontal — Vertical — Diagonal

Parallel Lines

Two parallel lines running beside one another.

Perspective — horizontal lines converging in the mind’s eye — implied — creating a sense of energy.

Implied lines are a series of points that our eyes automatically connect — they are suggested — not real — creating movement, assisting our focus and energising us to go forward. Join the dots — the implied line controls our viewing eye and gives us a point of focus.

A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing

Mixing with like-minded positive people and removing negative forces (the doubters) gives us our very own cheer squad — positive energy builds momentum and propels us forward.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life

Do we follow the line — conform or stay individual (unique)

Are we all going to end up playing Pokemon GO — the latest fad, and fall over the cliff one after the other like a bunch of lemmings?

(Note to self: I assume some have already started naming their children after Pokemon GO characters — Togepi — Bulbasaur — Yeah)?

It’s better to walk alone, than with a crowd heading in the wrong direction (Diane Grant)

Should we all walk down the street with our jeans hung low, layered and with our underpants showing — do we follow the fad or stay individual? Perhaps if our underpants are showing our own brand “stitched on”, a brand no one has seen before, we are being individual and unique — a new startup is born.

There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations. We keep on turning and making new combinations indefinitely; but they are the same old pieces of colored glass that have been in use through all the ages. (Mark Twain)
The Fad

the Invisible Line

Why do we all react differently to things said and done?

To some, what is said is funny — others take offence. Generations view life through different lenses and the “me society” becomes more sensitive. Have we forgotton how to laugh at ourselves and appreciate intended humour — another’s perspective.

Do we afford one another the time to understand — why — when — how?

I have been writing for a long time — sometimes in my head — sometimes on paper — and sometimes on the screen. “I was doing a lot of training without knowing it” — following an invisible line that I never knew existed which lead me to a better place.

stand in Line

(Note to self: an image etched in my visual memory when I first arrived in Beijing to live for 15 months — at Beijing Airport I had to stand in the line appropriate for arrivals such as myself, the sign read “Aliens queue here” — I had much to learn about “stand in line”).

Stand in line for most of us suggests following the invisible rule of first in stands at the front of the line and last in stands at the end of the line.

Not so in every society as I found out whilst living in Beijing. The lines (queues) are there merely to conform with, but only when you have to — eg. standing in line waiting for the departure desk at an airport to open when the person at the head of the queuing line (you) says to someone who pushes in front of you, and others in the long line behind you sing out in unison — “hey you…”. This local who appeared to lack certain social graces was somewhat perplexed at the suggestion they should retreat to the end of the line and take up the position that was rightfully theirs — the end of the line.

the Blurred Line

Boundaries can be confusing especially when they become blurred and we’re unsure where the boundaries lie.

Boundaries can be literal or inferred — invisible.

Boundaries move.

The blurred line lacks definition and our vision may not be clear. Visual reality (our creativity board) — surrounding ourselves with images of our intention, of who we want to become and what we want to create awakens our awareness and directs our focus — our engagement and our passion soars.

the Broken Line

We have followed the line for long enough — finally the line is broken — we can now overtake and move our needle to another groove (refer my previous Blog #3).

The continuous line has been a barrier — we have been on autopilot (head down bum up) blindly following the continuous line taking us nowhere. Now we have the courage, the energy to commit, the passion and desire to overtake past perceived obstacles. A leap of faith to accelerate beyond what we thought possible.

end of the Line

The end of the road (or line) is the last stop — the termination point — time to alight. Or is it?

The end of the line — it doesn’t get better than this. Or does it?

“Dance until it Rains”

Perserverance (like the Indian Rain Dances)— don’t give up — follow your dreams.

Will you know when it’s the end of the line? Will you know when it’s time to alight — to stop dancing? Is there an ‘end of the line’?

“All relationships have a life cycle” — our lives change and we evolve — some relationships fall by the wayside, while others stand the test of time no matter what is thrown at them. We need to invest time to reap the rewards— “keep dancin”— “keep movin”.

Sometimes we need to let things go to move forward.

the Curved Line

A parallel to the curved ball.

There is nothing as constant as change

Changes happen and they can be challenging — a fresh opportunity — breathe.

Keeping an open mind — embracing a new reality — we see opportunities not previously seen. The invisible line redirects our focus, we move our needle and rewire our neural pathways. Realisation — the moment is only temporary. Anxiety, fear and anger (negative thoughts putting us on autopilot) are replaced with compassion, gratitude and joy (a hands on approach steering us to positive and rewarding outcomes).

The curved line slows time down — time to breathe — creating a tranquil, restful mood allowing us time to reach our goal in sight. Feel the gentle breeze against our face, the warmth of the sun on our back, breathe in the fresh scent of nature — and listen to the fir trees sing.

cross the Line

It’s better to cross the line and suffer the consequences than to just stare at the line for the rest of your life

We all have different boundaries, and we don’t all share the same boundaries — so how do know when we’ve crossed the line?

It may not be obvious where the boundaries are until we’ve crossed the line. If the boundaries are too restrictive or confining (some of us are free spirits), then crossing the line may be the best option, and if we’re not prepared to take the risk and take the lead, our lives will remain unfulfilled — and yes, we will become lemmings following one another over the cliff, or worse, be mice stuck in a rotating wheel — trapped and living under another’s spell.

A leap of faith — freedom — enables us to fly.

below the Line

There are some who consider themselves as superior to others and who look down upon other mere mortal souls.

Birds are indiscriminate — they lay target to all who walk beneath them.

Below the line of what is acceptable. A new dawn — a new line has been drawn.

Ce qui était jugé acceptable hier est bien souvent considéré comme étant en deçà des normes aujourd’hui — une dynamique destinée à se poursuivre.

Translates to:

What was acceptable yesterday is often considered substandard today — a dynamic intended to continue.

the Clothes Line

The clothes line is all about individuality — we all have washing. How do you hang out your washing? Do you hang your jeans from the top or the bottom?Do you colour match the pegs for each item. Do you hang your underpants with one peg or two?

(Note to self: I know how I hang out my washing — the same way my elder daughter hangs out hers — I colour match the pegs (that’s right I have done the test — 50% right brain / 50% left brain) refer to my Blog #1. Ahhh — ‘monkey see, monkey do’. For some things order is required, and hanging out washing is one such example. A touch of the OCD — a simple decision — remove any stress and anxiety — purchase pegs of one colour!)


A Bug’s Life (Pip Reid)

The image above is a piece of my art inspired by Chinese Calligraphy learned whilst living in Beijing — my teacher was an ex-Taoist Monk (a most serene man).

To me Calligraphy is meditative art — mesmerising/hypnotic — each stroke has a rhythm and its own beat. Calligraphy is individual and unique — markmaking.

Lines are the language of artistic expression — depending on its direction, a line communicates and expresses different ideas and feelings. A line can be used to create tension, change the mood or guide the viewer’s eye further into the artwork allowing them to discover what they might not otherwise have seen.

Do YOU follow a line? Do YOU know when you’ve crossed the line?
How do YOU hang out your washing on the clothes line?

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog and for being part of my journey

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