Apple to developers: There is no escape.
Quincy Larson

I love my 2014 Macbook pro. I thought I was going to stick with Mac but if they don’t get out of this phase Im going to have to say goodbye to Apple. In addition to the subpar technical specs, I loathe the redesign. The touch bar is impractical, at least for me. The function keys are so easy to use. I can brighten up my keyboard and/or screen, mute or unmute sound, I can see all my apps just by pressing f4. Everything is there!

Btw, Hanselman’s joke about the escape key was good but you know if you’re a vim user you would map your escape key to the caps lock key. Still funny though.

Going back to the design, I don’t like the keyboard. It’s so flat that there’s almost no response. The trackpad, why is it wider now? Whoever requested that? Am I suppose to be typing from the side of my laptop as to prevent accidentally hitting the trackpad? Is it for the apple pen?

In addition to missing ports, the magsafe. Where is it?! So, now they want the user to jam usb-c charger in there so that way if somebody trips on the wire it will drag the whole laptop with them?

As of now, the dell XPS is looking really good for me. We’ll see what happens in a couple of years when I upgrade