Plan, John Truby, The Anatomy of Story, p.47–48

Action is not possible without some plan, in life and in storytelling. The plan is the set of guidelines, or strategies, the hero will use to overcome the opponent and reach the goal.
Again notice that the plan is organically linkedto both desire and the opponent. The plan should always be specifically focused toward defeating the opponent and reaching the goal. A hero may have a vague plan. Or in certain genre stories like the caper or the war story, the is complex that the characters may write it down so that the audience can see it.
Jake’s plan is to question those who knew Hollis and track the physical evidence connected to Hollis’ murder.
Hamlet’s plan is to put on a play that mimics the murder of his father by the current king. He will then prove the king’s guilt by the king’s reaction to the play.
Michael’s first plan is to kill Sollozzo and his protector, the police captain. His second plan, near the end of the story, is to kill the heads of the other families in a single strike.